141215 – A.W. Jones, “Alfred Winslow Jones: The Long and the Short of the Founding Father.”

While there are many articles and books that mention A.W. Jones, the following (some of which are available online) contain a large amount of interesting background information on Jones and the history of the firm.


Alfred Jones got the idea for his fund while researching the 1949 article “Fashions in Forecasting” for Fortune Magazine.


The 1966 Fortune article by Carol Loomis prompted a surge in hedge fund interest in the mid and late 1960s.  The 1970 article by her is remarkable in that it could have been written in 2006 for the issues it raises.

Landau, Peter. Alfred Winslow Jones: The Long and the Short of the Founding Father.” Institutional Investor (August 1968):



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