160117 – 5 Signals That Will Prove the $SPY Could Reverse

160117 – 5 Signals That Will Prove the $SPY Could Reverse

2015 was a range bound market that lacked breadth. A few stocks like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Microsoft held up a weak internal stock market. 2016 went into a quick correction of over 10% from all-time highs.

The energy sector and oil continues to go lower and lower. Small caps have fallen below 52 week lows in $IWM. High yield bonds have fallen to July 2009 lows. Markets have stopped bouncing at oversold levels and haven’t found price support. This year has been a downtrend without support and without a bounce, just lower lows and lower highs. Stocks are under distribution. read more



About Philippe Splingart

ArtMaker Creator of the "Spynacker Green Fund" concept, (The "Green Fund Spynacker" Arbitrage Hedge Fund Method with very low leverage ) The reflexion point is to create an alternative in a changing world. Maintain the achievements and wealth of knowledge, Empower creation to develop an alternative management and to activate and enhance the development elements.
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